Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joke's on Me

Ahhh, Saturday, the weekend, time for rest. Hahaha yeah right. Woke up at 6 am (78 degrees) and got my butt outside running. I lost my headband in the process, so . . . success? I did as I said I would: walked (or slowly jogged) the downhills and flat areas and ran as hard as I could up the hills. I feel like I worked hard and got a good exercise, and I was beyond exhausted those last couple hills, but I kept going, and kept running for my cool down (very light jog I should say).

After that I did some stretching and some other exercises, refilled my water bottle and went to the gas station. Got my gas ($3.09!) and got cash to go to the farmer's market. LOVED IT! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. And I had what might have been the most delicious peach in the history of peaches. Ever. Made for a magnificent breakfast. Unfortunately they didn't have all the veggies I was looking for, so I had to go to Schnuck's anyway. Also picked up my new prescription, which was supposed to be generic (so cheaper right?). Well, no. I paid more than I do for my normal meds and looked it all over when I got home and realized they gave me the wrong thing altogether, which was not generic. Wtf.

Also, no matter how many lists I make to remind myself of things I need to do/get, I always manage to leave something important off of that list. So I'll have to make another run to Target later this week for what I need. Not that I don't love Target (who doesn't?!), but it's across town, and I have no a/c in my car, so it's a little hot for all that nonsense. I gotta say, up until now, I don't think I complained too much about not having a/c. Yes, it sucked, especially driving to and from St. Louis, but it was bearable. 100+ degrees is not all that bearable though. I don't know why I even bother wearing makeup. I sweat most of it off before I even get where I need to be.

Anyhoo, back to my day . . . I met up with Kirsten and went to the pool. The water was the perfect temperature. And I don't think I burned! First time for everything. So after a couple hours of that, I decided it was time to go home, take a cool shower and get cleaned up, and maybe even squeeze in a nap before my boyfriend got here. Again, the universe laughs in my face. I was locked out of my own freaking apartment! Let me tell you, it should be impossible for that to happen. You have to lock the door with a key on your way out. So if you forget your key, the door is unlocked when you come back. Unfortunately, a brass bar across your door (the kind they use on hotel room doors) does not care whether you have a key or not! Because we have to practically slam our door to get it to lock in the first place, apparently when I did that on my way out again, the brass bar slammed along with it, locking me out.

So I sat for about 20 minutes in this heat waiting for my landlords to show up and get me in. After trying a few different methods, nothing was working. So my landlord just sawed the thing off. His wife said they would replace it later this week. Why on earth would I want them to replace the thing that just locked me out of my apartment?! I swear they don't think sometimes.

Now I have showered (thankfully) cleaned up the apartment, and am debating a nap while waiting for Chris to get here. And I am not so patiently awaiting dinner . . . Bella Italia = the best Italian restaurant I've ever had. Can not wait for dinner. Oh and I'm pretty excited about strawberry mimosas in the morning with breakfast :)

Stay Excellent!