Friday, June 8, 2012

I've Got a Golden Ticket

So I got about three hours of sleep last night. Needless to say, I came home and went straight to bed for about 4 hours. Oops. So unless I get some huge wave of energy before 11 tonight, I won't be working out. Fail. But I value my sleep and peace of mind. And there's really no way I could be alert enough to go walk anywhere tonight. So I'm going to get Chinese for dinner and watch a movie with one of my best friends. Then I plan on going back to sleep and sleeping in tomorrow for as long as I feel necessary. This is the first weekend I have NOTHING to do. And I'm totally okay with it. So after I get plenty of sleep, then I'll get up and get my exercise on.

While I'm waiting for my friend to get here so we can get some delicious Chinese, I turned on the tv and what do I find? Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This movie is A. wonderful and one of my favorites, and B. makes me crave chocolate WORSE than PMS. But I already ate all the chocolate in this house (I think) so I guess I'm safe there. Unless I buy some while we're out getting dinner and finding a movie to watch...Although I think I'd rather have popcorn. I love my popcorn. And I'm getting a little better about not getting the kind soaked in butter (but that is the best kind). I really just want some Chinese. Sesame chicken, broccoli, maybe some noodles, and by God there will be crab rangoon.

Sidenote: Does anyone know why Charlie's grandparents are bedridden in the first place? It's kind of hard to believe Grandpa Joe would just hop out of bed and after a few stumbles, just start dancing and prancing around.

In other news, my bath tub nearly overflowed earlier after I had been in the shower for about ten minutes. TEN MINUTES and the damn thing almost overflowed. Looks like I'll be calling my landlord about that. Oh boy. They "fixed it" once. And by that, I mean they put a different thing on the drain that helps filter out hair and whatnot. Well that only helped a little, and not for long. Ugh. They can be frustrating. And they're old. Sweet like grandparents, but frustrating like any old people who manage to never understand what you're trying to explain to them. I took a picture for proof. I'll post later, just in case any of you really want to see. :)

Have a fantastic evening!