Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 8

Haven't done a lunchtime post in a while. But I was sitting here, almost finished with my lunch, feeling pretty full. Which is interesting given the amount of "paleo" food I have at home, although I will admit, some of it would not be considered Paleo by the hardcore cavemen dieters. I actually think I have more non-Paleo foods at home that I never got to finish before starting the diet. I put them all away though so I'm not tempted by them. Anyhoo, for lunch today I had steamed broccoli with cheese, four slices of roasted turkey (six is a serving, but I've never eaten that much), and carrot sticks. I saved the carrots for last because those are my favorite. Before I was finished with those, I was feeling full, and when I did finish eating I was almost uncomfortably full.

Unfortunately, I am now out of carrots, running low on turkey, and enough steamed broccoli for one more meal. So in order to save those for lunches the rest of the week (or try to anyway), I'm eating leftover mostly-non-paleo food. For example, my mom made stuffed shells (DELICIOUS) and they've been in my freezer for quite a while now. I'm going to cook those for dinner tonight, and eat everything but the shell. Because everything in them counts as Paleo, at least in my book. And I should have leftovers from that too.

I'm also going to experiment with boiling eggs in the oven now that I have a muffin pan. I hope it works out. I plan on making modified tuna salad. And having eggs leftover so I can have a boiled egg for breakfast a couple times this week because I do not enjoy having to make scrambled eggs in the morning before work.

And I finally get paid Friday, so I'll be able to do some shopping. There's a store in Cape that sells organic foods. I haven't been there yet, but I do plan on going and seeing what kind of stuff I can find. I looked them up online ( and it appears they sell at least some of what I've been looking for that Schnuck's doesn't have. I'm also going to the farmer's market on Saturday morning so I can get some fresh fruits and veggies.

Today's workout will be abs, arms, and leg strengthening like wall sits, etc. Also cleaning the apartment. Or possibly just cleaning. That's definitely a workout. Especially when you put it off for forever like I do. Lots of vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping needs to be done. And I need to get some dishes done as well. I don't know why I decide to do this crap on a Monday.

In case anyone was curious, I did get sunburned yesterday on my walk. Nothing too terrible but I have some interesting tan lines. It's 95 out today, so I'm super happy my workout will be inside. :)