Friday, June 15, 2012


As you might have expected, I did not get up this morning to run. After waking up super early several times this week and getting very little sleep, the idea of getting to sleep until 6:30 sounded way better. So I slept in. And I'm not going to have time later to run. But I am going to have an enjoyable evening in Stl with my Momma. And I'll have to get up super early tomorrow morning, so I plan on using that time to run. I might even go to Creve Coeur park. It's almost 4 miles around the lake. Might not be able to run the whole thing, but I love running there. Best part of running in Stl? Very few hills! I'm excited about that.

Assuming I don't get anymore headaches, I'm getting back on track next week, and I'll be starting the Paleo diet. I will post the websites and blogs I found for you all tomorrow. It's gonna be an interesting 30 days. But I think it's going to be worth it. According to some of the sites I've looked at, going Paleo helps reduce a lot of illnesses/ailments (I believe I've mentioned this before), so maybe it will help reduce the amount of headaches I get, which will mean I can run more and take less medicine. Which saves me money because it's all expensive.

I also read that it can reduce the symptoms of asthma. Which doesn't make since since asthma is essentially your lungs not getting enough oxygen. But although I don't understand how eating healthier food would help this, I do know that when I eat poorly too many days in a row (ahem, like this week :/), I do notice that it's more difficult for me to breathe sometimes. For all I know this could just be in my head and maybe my diet has little affect on my ability to breathe. But if there's a chance that it could reduce my asthma (or get rid of it completely--I can only hope), it's definitely worth a try. I can't remember exactly, but my inhaler costs me between $50 and $80 every time I need a refill. And I always seem to need a refill at the most inconvenient times, like a week before payday and I've just paid all my bills, but I can't put off getting it until payday because I use it almost daily, whether I'm working out or not.

So 30 days of this, starting next week. Eating extremely healthy (except for beer!) and running a minimum of 5 days a week like I should be. And I'm going to monitor everything. How I feel, how I look, my weight, etc. I'm considering doing before/after photos, but I'm not sure how I feel about that. Maybe I'll take a before one and then post it at the same time as the after. I'm excited to get started on this, but not so excited that I can't wait until Tuesday :)

What's on tap for the weekend? Anything exciting? I'm headed to St. Louis in a couple hours. I gotta get my license plates renewed. And my driver's license. Lame. But I'm going tomorrow to get my dad's gift (I tried to get it sooner but they didn't have it here...I actually wasn't procrastinating!). And tomorrow night I'm going to another concert--I love local bands! Killer Me Killer You. I love their stuff, and they're good live. And I have a family reunion at some point this weekend, but I have no idea when. Oh boy.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!