Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Want to Eat Everything

My run did not go as planned this afternoon. It never does. Walked more than I should have. I also have a ridiculously huge blister on the back of my ankle so that's pretty painful. I also find it odd that I would still get blisters like this from my shoes since I've had them for months. Yuck.

I have a game plan for tomorrow though. I'm going to run one of my usual, extremely hilly routes and I'm going to run my hardest up the hills and walk down hill. Maybe it's not the best approach. But I figure if I can push myself to run up every hill, when it comes time to run up and down and everything in between, it should at least be easier. I think if it goes semi-well tomorrow, I'm going to start doing that at least once a week. And I have plenty of hills to choose from. I am completely surrounded by them.

In other news, this diet keeps getting harder and harder. I'm craving just about everything. I'm afraid I'm going to give in and binge on whatever is in sight. Or that I'll make it to the end of the 30 days and binge then. And I do mean everything. Fast food, pasta, bread/sandwiches, chocolate, candy, pizza, and anything else you can think of. I just want any and everything that's bad for me. Or good stuff mixed with not-so-good stuff. Like having biscuits with a meal. I think maybe I have pushed myself too far by trying to do a hardcore diet and train for a half marathon.

Obviously you can't train well by eating badly, but I also don't think I can eat healthy without eating a few bad things eventually. So assuming I survive the next 20 days, I think I'll stick to eating primarily healthy foods and mix in a few deliciously bad things now and then. I probably shouldn't make decisions like this without finishing out the 30 days first, but I already hate this. AND I MISS BREAD!!!! Giving up carbs is quite possibly the hardest thing I've ever done. Oh, and I was looking at the nutritional facts on my gum, ya know because it's gum so it can't have a whole lot in it. Well my gum has 1g carb. Really? I know it's just one, but that kind of annoyed me when I saw it. Probably something I should just laugh about and shrug it off, but damn that's irritating. Am I going to stop chewing that gum? No. I'm not that mad.

It's after 7 and it's still over 90 degrees and I want soup for dinner. There may be something wrong with me. I've got AC though, so it's cool, haha.

Happy Wednesday everyone! The weekend's almost here!!