Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat Days

The Anberlin concert was amazing. Everything about last night was fantastic and I'm so happy I went. The sucky part was that I had been up since 5am. Didn't get to bed til 1am or a little later. And because I'm paranoid about not hearing my alarm and not waking up in time to leave to get back for work, I barely slept. So I had a terrible headache at 5 this morning when we were leaving. May have been the four or five beers I had last night. Or the lack of sleep. Probably both. Totally worth it though.

Unfortunately, I had zero time for breakfast at home this morning because everything I had required cooking of some sort. So I booked it over to Mcds for a chicken sandwich, hashbrowns, and a sprite. That sprite was possibly the best I've had in a long, long time. Obviously, I didn't have time to pack a lunch either. So my roomie and I hit up Culver's where I had a double cheeseburger, fries, a sierra mist, and ice cream. Due to my lack of sleep I came home from work and showered (to wash off the grimy feeling of taxis and hotels and smoke and alcohol) and then went straight to bed. Now that I'm awake and hungry for dinner, I'm considering eating out for third time today because I am too exhausted to try to cook something (I'm so tired I'd probably screw it up more than usual anyway). On top of all this, there's that whole PMS thing which makes me feel fat and lazy and makes me crave only food that will make me fat. I suppose it's a good thing I work out (except for today, that shit was not happening).

Gonna make up the run I was supposed to do today on Friday, because you should really have at least 6 hours of sleep before going for a run/workout. And if I'm going to start that Paleo diet (still researching, I will post my findings soon), I kind of wanna eat what I want while I can (especially since that's what I'm craving). So I'm allowing myself a few fat days. Especially today. It's much less of a fat day if you actually include exercise. Since the most exercise I've gotten today was walking up and down the stairs at work and to my car for lunch and back, it's a pretty big fat day. Oh well. Can't win 'em all. And considering how amazing last night was, I don't really care.

Did I mention I saw the guys from Greek Fire up close and in person, but I was too big of a baby to talk to them? Yeah, I'm that girl. I see my favorite band just hanging out in the crowd, talking with people and taking pictures and I don't go talk to them or get a picture. Even worse, Dan Marsala, lead singer of Story of the Year was there as well and I really really really wanted to talk to him/get a pic. Did I? Nope. I kind of regret it a little, but it was so awesome just seeing them and being that close that I'm pretty okay with it. And Moon from Greek Fire and Dan both got up there and played a couple songs with Anberlin. I don't think I knew either of the songs, but they were great. I love it when bands do stuff like that.

I will now stop rambling about how great my night was last night (I got a really cool tshirt too, btw) and focus on what I'm going to eat for dinner so I can go out with my lovely friend Rhyen. If you're not reading her blog, check it out. I can assure you, she's funnier and sassier than me sometimes:

I'll catch up with you all tomorrow!