Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 2: Rough Workout

So it's only day 2 and I already found something I don't like. I love salty snacks. Unfortunately, most of what I bought has almost no salt. I even bought unsalted pistachios. I figured less salt would be better. Well, it's not. I need my salt. So next time I go buy pistachios, I'm getting the lightly salted ones.

Second reason this kind of sucks: I have no freaking clue what to make for dinner. My go-to is usually pasta. Can't have that. And I'm really craving tacos. Can't have that either. Well, I can't have the shell. I am considering making a "taco bowl" with no shell. Ground turkey, some veggies, lettuce, cheese. I might hold off on that though. I need tomatoes. Next option is eggs and asparagus. But I don't have milk. I know you can make scrambled eggs with water...but I'm not sure how.

Fast-forward a few hours: Decided on eggs and asparagus. Pretty simple (way easier than hard boiled eggs..lol). I do love my eggs and asparagus. And I had a banana.

Rewind to my workout this afternoon: It SUCKED. I always forget something before I run. Today, it was stretching my quads and calves. So my legs hurt. And even though I took my inhaler, I was having a really hard time breathing. So I walked entirely too much. I'm really angry and disappointed about it. One thing I learned: Paleo does not work overnight. I knew it wouldn't, but it's frustrating that I'm having this much trouble.

On the bright side, everything I'm eating so far is really filling (besides my breakfast...I only had a banana...didn't really hold me over til lunch). The trouble is trying to decide what to eat and make. It also sucks because I have to cook more food. I don't like cooking. And cooking means having to do more dishes. And I hate doing dishes. This is gonna be rough.

Today is day 2 by the way. I'm sure you can all keep track, but I'm going to count the days in every post. Because we all know I can't count, and I'm incredibly forgetful.

Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for reading!