Monday, June 11, 2012

Cold Hearted

Well the storms weren't quite finished when I got home from work. So I did my workout inside today. Abs and arms mostly, but I did some more lunges and wall sits. Since then, I have spent almost all of my evening on the couch watching One Tree Hill (guilty pleasure). Also, I'm currently eating Nutella straight out of the container. PMS is a cold-hearted bitch. But I suppose Nutella is slightly healthier than a Snickers? I'm not sure. But it says a serving is 2 tablespoons, and believe me, I plan to eat just that. Sorry to all the guys out there who will never understand this.

As for tomorrow, the verdict is still out on whether or not I'm getting out of bed at 5am to go run. Especially since I have a nice little drive to St. Louis tomorrow afternoon. The drive is totally worth it (going to see Anberlin), not having AC really sucks though. And I have a little bit of what some people might call road rage. And after spending two hours yelling at idiots for driving too slow or not using their blinker or driving too fast and hoping they get a ticket, I'm exhausted. I feel like that should count as some sort of workout. I'm really gonna try to get up early tomorrow, and I'm even going to set my alarm. But I hate mornings. I am the grumpiest morning person ever. Although running might help make me less grumpy. But coffee is helpful too.

And my food situation is uhhm, almost scary. I did cut up one of those cucumbers and it is delicious. But that's about all I have left. No cheese, no milk, and the food I do have requires milk. Blah. I'm gonna go broke after I get paid just buying groceries. And I have so much I have to buy! Everything disappeared at once! Did I mention I loathe grocery shopping? I'll put it off til Sunday. Or Monday. Maybe even Tuesday. I'm going to my parents' house this weekend, so I'll get some leftovers. :)

I hope you all enjoy your evening, and I'll get back to enjoying OTH and my Nutella.