Thursday, June 7, 2012

Better Day

Today was so much better! *Knock on wood*
Better mood. And my boss is back from vacation :)

I had a turkey sandwich with pickles and dijon mustard (no cheese though = sad) for lunch. And the afternoon flew by. I love days like this. Unfortunately, my legs still ache. Not quite as bad, but that's probably because I'm not running. I'm going to a work out in a bit that doesn't involve my legs. And probably take some more Ibuprofen. If I'm feeling better, I'm going to do my workout and then go for a walk. See how that goes. Hopefully by Saturday I'll be running.

In other random news that have nothing to do with running, I came home from work and Holes is on tv! I love this movie :) Also, I saw a guy trying to be gangster, driving a beat-up, old minivan. Not sure that ride qualifies him as gangster.

So tonight I'm going to Hot Shots for dinner and to watch the Cardinals game with my soon-to-be roomie. Gonna try to find something semi-healthy-ish to eat. Although there will be a couple beers with dinner, so I'm not sure if eating something healthy even matters. But I'm excited. I haven't gone anywhere all week so I'm glad to get out of the house and do something.

Have a wonderful night!

Go Cards!