Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's Talk About . . .

Well, it's lunchtime again, and considering all I had was a pbj sandwich, I've got a little extra time. And yes, just a pbj. I have almost no other food at home and I'm poor. I do have cucumbers, which I'm going to cut so I at least have a vegetable to eat with my pbj tomorrow. And also probably make some cucumber and onion salad if my lovely roomie brings over some vinegar :) If you've never tried it, do it! Delicious! I'll post the recipe after I actually make it . . . easier to remember while you're doing it.

Remember all that rain I wanted yesterday? It's here! Actually this is a storm rather than rain, but I love storms. However if it stays like this, I might not be running after work. I'll run in rain, but I don't think it's a smart idea to run in what looks like a storm that could produce hail or a tornado any minute. But there's a couple hours left before I'm off, so we'll see what happens. I suppose if I don't run, I'll suck it up and get up early tomorrow morning. Which sounds unbearable. So fingers crossed that at least the storm part of this goes away soon. Probably the only time I'd ever wish a storm away.

I definitely got a good workout in on that walk yesterday. My muscles are sore! But that good sore you get when you work hard. Love that. My abs hurt a little on one side, but I think it's more abdominal pain rather than muscle aches.

 Now, let's talk about chafing. No one likes to talk about this. The word itself just sounds dirty. It's embarrassing. Regardless, it's uncomfortable and painful. I've had to stop running before because I had chafed so badly it felt like my thighs were on fire. My thighs are generally the only area I have trouble with chafing. And until yesterday I hadn't had a problem so far this year. Solutions? Generally before a run, I put deodorant on my thighs. They sell official anti-chafing things (which are basically deodorant but more expensive). I just go buy the travel size deodorant and rub it on before a run. That helps keep from sweating which reduces chafing. Doesn't always work great, especially on longer runs or extremely hot days, and I forget more often than not unfortunately (I forgot yesterday). But it works pretty well if you can't afford the good stuff. If you're already chafed, vaseline works well to heal it. I put it on after I shower and sometimes again before I go to bed depending on how much time I have between the two.

Thankfully, I didn't start to chafe until I was almost finished with my run yesterday, so it isn't bad. And in case you're interested in the weather down here, lots of lightning and thunder, really windy, and a steady downpour. I do love this weather :)