Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daughter of the Year

Happy Father's day! Or if you don't have kids, Happy "You're not a father" day! :)

I re-secured my "Daughter of the Year" plaque--got my daddy a limited edition of Crown Black. Also we made Dad breakfast. Then I left for a run.

The run was pretty good today, hot, but a little cloudy. I walked about half a mile-ish (not all at once) bc both my lungs and legs hurt. But aside from that, I think I did a decent job. And thus was my second day running in just a sports bra. Not sure its doing anything for my tan...but regardless of how I look--and feel sometimes--I think its giving me more confidence. Especially when fully clothed lol.

Still haven't started Paleo yet, but I've sort of been prepping myself. Eating smaller portions, and if I want seconds, I eat the healthier stuff rather than a second helping of potatoes. And I'm drinking a ton of water (and beer).

I know I've been promising for days to post the sites and blogs I've found and I promise I will, but I can't get to that stuff from my phone. So I will definitely post them tomorrow sometime. Which I think will work out better, at least for me, because I'll get to look over all the foods before I go grocery shopping and I can make a list of what I need.

I was dreading the idea of this diet at first, but I'm starting to get excited. It will definitely be interesting at first...trying to figure out what to buy and how to cook it. For example, I've never ever cooked chicken in my life. So I'm sure several of my posts in the near future will include how my meals turn out.

Hope you're all looking forward to reading about it as much as I'm looking forward to doing it! And just maybe I'll inspire some of you to do it too. At least one of you should...make me feel like I'm making a difference. Haha

Have a happy Sunday!