Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 4

In case you didn't know, my mom is pretty awesome. Got an email from her this morning and apparently there's this thing called spaghetti squash. So you can replace pasta with the squash. Amazing. This makes me happy happy happy. And there's like a million things you can do with cauliflower too! "Doughs" for bread and pizza, replacement for mashed potatoes (which I have heard are delish). So basically I get to eat all the stuff I've been missing, without the carbs! Best. Day. Ever.

So I guess when I go shopping next week I'll be picking up some cauliflower and experimenting with some of these things. I would go sooner, but I'd prefer to avoid grocery shopping more than once a week. And if it weren't for needing so much fresh foods, it'd be maybe once every other week. Yes, I hate shopping that much. I'm excited about trying these new recipes, but not that excited. :)

And I'm postponing the workout . . . til tomorrow? Legs still hurt. And my knees really hurt. And it looked like it was going to storm. Apparently that blew over. Oh well. I'll run tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday . . . I hope. 

Also, I had Bread Co for lunch today and seriously, this is the best day ever. I love their black bean soup, which they stopped serving here for a long time. I was trying to decide on lunch and it was on the menu!! So I got soup for lunch and we sat outside in the nice hot sun and I ate soup. Totally worth it. 

Now it's time for the daily debate on what to have for dinner. This whole diet thing makes this way more complicated than it already was. Basically my options are places with salad. 

Have a good one!