Friday, June 8, 2012


I am so not a morning person. And I can never ever sleep late after a night of drinking. Not that I could have slept in too much anyway. I also managed to make my legs hurt worse because for whatever reason, my legs always ache after drinking and I feel like I ran a marathon the next morning.

As one of my readers commented on my last post, beer is great in moderation (isn't everything?). Like I really needed an excuse to drink beer. The problem with doing anything in moderation is that you have to be able to stop after one or two (depending on what it is you're eating/drinking). Unfortunately, a night out with friends makes it more difficult to stop after a couple (which I did not). I had  about four-ish. Woops.

In a perfect world, I would eat some meager salad for lunch and work out extra hard after work to compensate. But the odds of that happening are very slim to none. I will eat something fairly healthy, and I will work out. But probably not enough to make up for last night. But that's kind of the point of all this. Yes, I need to train and be disciplined, but I also need nights like that now and then. A night out with friends and a few beers. And it's practically impossible to not drink beer during the summer.

And did anyone catch the Cards game last night? Pretty good one. Although the mounting number of strikeouts is pretty frustrating regardless of whether we're winning or not.

In other news, nose is still bleeding. And I watch Boy Meets World every morning before work. One of the best shows ever. I like to think I'm starting my day off right.

Now I need to find something for lunch and get to work. I'll write more later after my workout this evening.

Have a great day everyone! Happy Friday!