Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 9: This Sucks

I successfully "boiled" eggs in the oven! And by successfully, I mean I overcooked them a tiny bit. But they were edible, delicious, and much better than undercooked eggs. I put one in my tuna salad for dinner and it was so good! And I have two left for breakfast this week. Technically I have several left. I just didn't cook them, just in case I ruined them.

That's basically the highlight of my day. My run sucked. And I'm sick of it all. I can't run over two miles down here to save my freaking life. In fact, it might be killing me. I HATE HILLS. I got in one good hill and I had to stop on the next hill. I could not breathe. It was awful. And infuriating. After running four miles on Saturday, it's pretty disheartening to come back down here and not be able to run 2 miles. It's unfair.

And as for this diet thing . . . IT BLOWS. Generally I crave bread and pasta. Now all I want is sweets. I have Cinnamon Toast Crunch just calling my name. And I could totally go for a York Peppermint Patty. Or a Snickers. Or just a freaking peanut butter and jelly sandwich. UGH. And I want pizza. And cheesy garlic bread (I do have recipes for "paleo" garlic bread...but it's just not the same). I just miss eating whatever I want whenever I want. I also feel like I'm in worse shape since I started this diet. The only difference I've seen is my legs are more toned and that's probably from running and not from the diet.

I don't know how I'm supposed to judge my progress when I can run four miles on flatter ground but can barely run two miles with hills. I'm beyond frustrated. I'm just holding on to my minor success of oven-boiled eggs.