Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Time for a lunch break chat! Today I'm gonna talk about obstacles, because I face quite a few. As I mentioned yesterday, I have asthma (as of January-ish. That's when I got an inhaler anyway, so let's go with that). Not fun. And I'm still trying to get used to having to take an inhaler with me everywhere and taking it every single time I go for a run. And if I'm running more than three miles I have to take it with me. When it's cold, that's not a problem. I have plenty of pockets. In the summer, I have a tiny pocket only big enough to fit my house key or car key. So trying to accommodate that is annoying.

In addition to asthma, I have allergies, I get chronic headaches/migraines, knee problems (which started my senior year in high school), I get sick easily, and recently I get bloody noses. For the asthma, inhaler. For the allergies I take Zyrtec (the generic which I can't pronounce or spell off of the top of my head). If it's a really bad day, I take Benadryl at night to help me sleep. Allergies are just hit and miss. Some days I feel great and other days, regardless of medicine, I just feel like crap. Which makes it really hard to motivate myself to run or work out. Some days I can push through it and others I can't. Same with headaches. If I can take Excedrin and my headache is gone within a half hour, then I'll go for a run. Unfortunately when I get migraines, I spend as much of the day as possible in bed.

If my knee bothers me (it's the left, not that that really matters) I usually just suck it up and go. I've been dealing with that pain for about five years now, so I'm accustomed to running through that kind of pain. After a run I just stretch really good and put ice on it if it's really bothering me. But I hate icing injuries. So I avoid it if possible. As far as getting sick goes, once I get sick, generally I'm done until I feel better. Meaning it could be a couple weeks to a month or more without exercise. And sometimes only a week or two of exercise before I get sick again. *Knock on wood* I haven't been really sick in a while. If I do get sick again, I'm gonna have to learn to run through it if I'm going to run a half marathon this fall. As for the recent nose bleeds, well they aren't full on nose bleeds like most people get. It's mainly just that it bleeds every time I have to blow my nose (which is often thanks to my allergies). So I try to take care of that before I leave for a run which seems to help.

What kind of obstacles do you face on a daily basis?


P.S. It's National Running Day! Get out there and run down the street! Or around the block, or across town! Just go run and have fun! :)