Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mood Swings

I didn't tell you during my lunchtime post, but I had a greek salad from Bread Co. for lunch today. And it was delicious. I was in a great mood earlier. Then my computer at work froze and there went my good mood. I lost things that I had already saved (I don't even know how that's possible) so I had to re-do them. Not a happy girl. So I finally get home from work. I change and do my crunches and whatnot before my run. I'm feeling good, breathing alright.

I decided to just run 2.5 miles today since I was so sore during my run yesterday. That didn't last long. I maybe ran a mile before I had to stop. Not because I couldn't breathe. My lungs were juuuust fine. But I felt like the entire lower half of my body was going to break. So I walked. Then tried to run again. Then walked. Ran. And walked the rest of the way home because I was in pain and pissed off at this point. By the time I made it into my apartment, I was crying.

Four hours later and I am still in excruciating pain. I thought a bath might help. So I cleaned my bathtub (it needed it..and I'm not ashamed to admit that). All white and shiny and sparkly. Waited ten minutes. Tub was still draining. Made and ate dinner (Tyson dinosaur chicken nuggets and Stouffer's mac 'n cheese). Did I mention I burned my finger on the mac 'n cheese and spilled it everywhere, so I cried, AGAIN? The tub was STILL not drained. So I said screw it and took a shower and the tub filled up to mid-calf. Cool.

Because of all these strange pains, I'm taking the next two days off. I'll probably workout (abs and arms) and maybe try to walk on Friday and then get back into my runs starting Saturday. I am super thankful this half marathon isn't until October.

I'm doing the Color Run in Kansas City, MO at the end of June, and I swear I will be furious if I can't run that entire thing. It's only a 5k. I've done plenty of those with zero problems. I even did one in pouring rain, and had to run uphill in mud. In my new shoes. If I can't do this 5k, I'll probably throw something.

Now I'm sitting in bed, bitching to all you fine people and I'm just angry now. So I'm going to watch tv or something and hopefully fall asleep early and we'll just chalk this one up to PMS or whatever.