Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Day 3. I hate everything right now. I MISS BREAD! :(
Although everything I ate today did keep me full. So I guess that's a bonus . . . no snacking.
Also, I found out you can hard boil eggs in the oven. You know I'm going to totally try that :)

Do you ever feel like absolutely everything possible is keeping you from doing/getting what you want? Because that's how I feel right now. And I'm extremely irritated because of it. I decided on a 2.5 mile run today. I figured it might be a little easier than trying for 3.5. Wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG. So wrong. Worst side cramps I've ever had. My knee was really bothering me, and my shins are killing me. Ps I sucked it up last night and put ice on my legs. Didn't help. At. All. So I had myself a little hissy fit when I came home. Then I calmed down and cut my cucumbers and carrots so I have healthy snacks for the rest of the week. Then I emptied my dishwasher (the dishes had been sitting in there for almost a week...woops) and then I put all the dirty dishes that had been piling up for a week on the counter. So now I have food and a clean-ish kitchen.

As far as dinner goes . . . beats me. I'm not super hungry right now. And I don't want to force myself to eat when I'm not hungry. With the exception of breakfast. I'm one of those people who HAS to have breakfast. Otherwise I'm grumpier than normal and generally feel like I'm going to vomit. No one wants that.

Apparently the best way to boil your eggs in the oven is to put them in a muffin pan (so they don't roll around and possibly crack while taking them in/out). I don't own a muffin pan because I don't bake muffins. I also found a recipe for "egg muffins" which is just egg whites with whatever kind of veggies or meat you want included. Perfect for a quick breakfast. So looks like I'm gonna be needing a muffin pan in the near future. Because I love eggs.

I've also been looking for other recipes that don't have carbs. It feels almost impossible. Just about everything I find has bread or pasta in the recipe. I've found a couple chicken recipes that look good, but I don't know how to cook kitchen--and I can't grill because I don't have one. So if any of you know of any easy recipes minus carbs, I'd really appreciate it :)

Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday evening,