Monday, July 2, 2012

Almost to the 4th!

So, I'm pretty sure that yesterday was the first day I didn't write at least one post. I've been doing at least 1-2 a day since I started. I was a little miffed I didn't get to it. But making breakfast with Chris and spending the afternoon at the pool then getting dinner and seeing a movie was totally worth missing it :)
We went to see Ted last night, and it was pretty good. The "Brooklyn" accents were driving me nuts though. But the actors kept with it pretty well (I've seen other movies where the actors slip in and out of their accents frequently, which is also annoying). Overall though, it was a funny movie.

I did not get a run in yesterday. I was too busy enjoying my day with my boyfriend. And I won't be getting a run in today either because we're going to the Cardinals game! I haven't been yet this season, so I'm excited! Although my drive with no a/c will not be fun. I'm hoping it cools down by gametime though. At least it's a night game. Those poor people at yesterday's game just looked miserable. At least they won, so it was worth it.

Man oh man it's gonna be a busy week. StL today for the game, and Wednesday for the 4th (my most favoritest holiday, so you all better be celebrating with bbq, beer, and fire[works]!). Then back to StL for the weekend (more bbq and beer . . . less fire). Oh and in case you didn't know, the 4th is exactly one week from my birthday! I'll be turning 21 for the third time, so it's a pretty big deal. As you can imagine, it's difficult to plan runs/workouts around this messy schedule, but I do have a plan. Tomorrow, I'll run in the evening after work. Wednesday I will either run in my parents neighborhood, or drive to Creve Coeur (sounds wayyy better). Thursday will be a normal run down here and Friday will just be whatever I can fit in. Saturday at Creve Coeur, and Sunday wherever and whenever I can.

I definitely need to make sure I'm running a lot with all the beer and delicious food I'll be enjoying. Oh my, I forgot about the fireworks!! A lot of places have cancelled. Waiting to hear about Florissant's before we decide what to do. Might go downtown, though as we all know, I'm just not a people person. And that's a lot of people, especially when it's 100 degrees. Blah. But, if any of you know of other places in StL that haven't cancelled, or if you hear of more cancelings, please keep me informed! I just can't celebrate my favorite holiday with out seeing some fireworks. I'll be devastated. Overdramatic? Maybe. Am I serious? Yes.