Friday, July 6, 2012

Feelin' good!

I'm not anti-fast food. I should be, but I enjoy fast food on occasion. In case you were unaware of how bad it is, here's a little story for you: 

On one of my runs last week, I saw a couple bagels on the ground along with the bag and some napkins from Mcd's. A week later (or more, I can't really remember), the trash is gone (I assume blown away, as people don't pick up trash). However, one of the bagels was still on the sidewalk. Completely untouched. 
Gross. Just remember that next time you plan on eating at Mcd's, or anywhere else. Not that it will stop anyone, but maybe it will make us think twice about it at least. 

Obviously I went for a run this morning--hell yes, I woke up at 5 to go run! I feel pretty accomplished. And it was a good run too. I did the "walk the flat areas and run hard up the hills" thing. I don't feel like I was running as fast up hill as I could have, but I was also running more on the down hills and flat areas rather than walking, so I'd say that's pretty good. My head/neck still hurt a little but not as bad. Plus I'm very much awake with a decent amount of energy that I hope lasts all day. I also feel like since I did well on my run today that my run tomorrow morning will be good too. 

I can't wait to be in StL tonight for the concert. Hopefully it will cool off and ya know, maybe cool down to like 95 degrees or so. That'd be great. Also, it was not 88 degrees this morning as I had predicted. It was a comfortable 75 degrees. So I'm hoping it will be cool like that when I go for my run tomorrow. Legs are feeling good . . . not too sore. Although I just remembered I forgot to stretch when I got home. Woops. I hope that doesn't do too much damage. :/ Maybe just stretching more tomorrow before and after my run will help? Let's hope. 

Happy Friday everyone, stay cool!