Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Allergies? :(

So my day started around 6 am with uncontrollable sneezing and a scratchy throat and difficulty breathing (I think a combination of the sneezing and asthma). So I eventually just got up, took some allergy medicine and continued sneezing the entire time I was getting ready for work. It was pretty irritating. Oh and I had a lovely headache to go along with it. I was feeling a little better earlier. Now my headache is back, worse than before. And it's thundering and lightning outside, so I think I'm just going to go home and try to get some sleep and hope that helps.

I suppose I shouldn't really complain about this since I haven't had allergies this bad since before summer started. Unless it's a cold. I will totally complain about that, even though I haven't been sick in quite a while either *knock on wood*.

Another factor could be dust. I've been moving stuff around in my office the past few days and I'm sure I'm stirring up a lot of dust--which, of course, I'm allergic to. Even so, it's worth it. I feel like I've gotten a lot done and I feel more organized. I still have a lot to do though.

On a totally different note, I was looking at the "stats" for my blog. A couple things were interesting. One person came across my blog by searching the terms "runchata bottle pic." I don't think they found what they were looking for. Second, you can also see where people are reading your blog by country. 85 in the US, 19 in Russia, and 1 in India. I'm not sure that that means they are regular readers, but I still think it's pretty awesome that people in Russia and India are reading my blog. Makes me feel kinda cool.

Anyhoo,  back to all the blah feelings of the day. I feel so far from where I should probably be right now in training for this half marathon. Part of it is my own fault, I know. But some of it is just a bunch of shit I can't control (or if I can I sure as hell don't know how). Like my asthma. I can't figure out why it's so much worse sometimes than others. Some times I run and I'm okay. Other times I feel like I'm dying. And more often than not, my inhaler doesn't seem to help. I know it helps a little, but some days it's just not enough. And headaches like the one I have today (which is above/behind my left eye which makes it hard to see--hence naptime) I have no clue how to prevent them or get rid of them so I can go run. So far today, medicine has not helped. Some people have suggested that headaches can be caused by dehydration and said maybe that could be my problem. These people have not seen me drink water. I have at least two 32-ounce mugs of water every day. Sometimes/usually more. Dehydration is not my problem. And for anyone thinking it (and the dumb doctors who have suggested it to me): No my headaches are not related to my menstrual cycle. Obviously.

I think those are the two main things holding me back. Oh and the heat. Which makes it even harder to breathe. And I have zero control over the weather. Don't tell me to go run on a treadmill, either. I'll cut you. Treadmills suck. You don't go anywhere. Sure, you can run on it in your moldy basement and watch some lame tv show. But you're not getting any fresh air. When I run on treadmills, I feel like I've accomplished nothing. And I'm more likely to stop and walk, or stop altogether on a treadmill. When I'm outside, I can convince myself to run to the next tree, then to the corner, etc. You can't do that on a treadmill.

Ok I'm done ranting for now. Possibly more tomorrow :) And for those of you currently getting a downpour like we are, go play!