Friday, July 27, 2012

Finally Friday!

It's lunchtime! I had my leftover pasta from the other night. Not as good reheated . . . it was a little dry and I didn't have cheese with me to put on it. So perhaps it would have been better if I added a tad more sauce and had some cheese.

That storm last night was pretty intense. I quit watching tv for a few reasons. 1. If the storm is still going, the channel you're watching keeps changing to some stupid shopping channel for the Emergency Alert System. The noise is irritating and so is the voice of whoever is reading these "alerts." 2. I was watching a show I DVR'd earlier in the week. It freaking interrupted a recording to "alert" me that there's a freaking storm outside. So I decided to make some dinner and watch French movies on netflix instead. It stormed from the time I got home from work until well after I had fallen asleep (I sleep great during storms).

I woke up once really early in the morning (it was still dark . . . didn't check my phone for the actual time though because I'm lazy) and it was pretty hot in my room, but I get hot when I sleep, so I figured that's all it was and fell back asleep. When I woke up this morning and tried to turn the lamp next to bed on, it wouldn't turn on. I checked my phone which apparently had stopped charging hours ago. Yeah, no electricity. No wonder it was so horribly hot. Luckily my phone has a flash light app. So I attempted to use that to put my contacts in, brush my teeth, wash my face, put some makeup on, get dressed, etc. Got all that done with the limited capabilities of my phone flash light. I go sit on the couch waiting for it  to be 7:30ish so I can go get breakfast before work, and the power comes back on. Of course it does. After I'm dressed and ready for work, I have power. Jerks.

I'm glad it's back on though. Packing for a weekend in St. Louis with no power would have been awful and would have taken me forever. I'd be lucky if I packed matching outfits for the weekend (my closet is big and dark . . . flash light doesn't cover much). Also, my alarm wasn't set to get up early for my run this morning, so I didn't go. Might have still been storming at that point, who knows? I'm glad it didn't go off though. I would have found out sooner that the power was out and that would have made me mad. And my room is still super dark at 5am, so I really wouldn't have been able to see anything to get dressed. No thanks.

I do plan on running early tomorrow morning, hopefully beating most of the heat, assuming my lungs don't feel like they're collapsing. After which I'll go to my parents house to do my laundry and things and then I get to go see my family and celebrate birthdays and such! Can't wait :)