Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Circle of Laziness

So I've been a little, uh, lazy . . . both with this blog and exercise. I have an excuse for the exercise part . . . mainly I still have this damn headache. I need to invest in some new medicine. But I'm far too lazy to drive to the store, talk to some dumbass pharmacist to find something close to Excedrin and then experiment with it to see if it actually works. It's like the circle of life or something. And it all revolves around my laziness. *sigh* As for my blogging, well I have no real excuse aside from the fact that since I haven't been exercising like I should, I have little to talk to you about. But from now until school starts, I'm going to have quite a bit of time on my hands and probably a lot of things to avoid, so exercise is always a good way to do that. I did buy a new pair of running shorts and a tank top (on sale at Dick's). Very brightly colored. Figured that might motivate me to get back out there. It hasn't yet, but I've been busy.

As far as food goes, well we might as well go back to me being lazy and my headache. First, I can't afford much as far as groceries go. Second, what I do have I'm too lazy/don't have the energy to cook. Third, I have zero patience for the morons at the grocery store. And, well, grocery shopping takes time. Time that could be better spent trying to sleep off this headache (which obviously isn't working, but that's not gonna stop me from trying). You might consider that laziness. I consider that to be productive. I'm trying to accomplish something. And if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, again. Ignore your failures! I'm aware that I have some problems okay? Don't point them out.

I've been eating pbjs (I don't mind . . . I actually like those)  and what's left of my apples, broccoli, and cheese sticks. I'm sure those will run out before the week is up. I do have pasta (no spaghetti squash though) and sauce, so I guess when I get desperate I could actually cook something. Where's the fun in that? If it weren't for having to boil the noodles, pasta would be so much easier. I just don't like standing there waiting for them to boil (yeah, yeah "a watched pot never boils" but the second I walk away that pot is gonna boil over and my noodles will be inedible, so I watch).

I have decided I won't be going to the Apple store this weekend to get my mac "tax-free." I did the math (which may or may not be entirely accurate) and it will only save me around $150 at most. And the Apple store will be beyond crowded that weekend, I'm sure, and I can't deal with crowds. Or spending my entire day there waiting amongst morons. So I'm going to wait a few weeks. I'd rather spend the extra hundred or so than waste an entire day dealing with all those people. Plus, the longer I wait to get it (which is hard because I'm really impatient and want it now), the less I'll have to pay because when I get my loan refund, I'm using part of it to pay for the computer (assuming financial aid doesn't screw up . . . which isn't likely).

Later this week/weekend, I'll get back out there and run (unless this headache never goes away, in which case I'll spend the weekend in bed). Call me lazy. I've accepted it. I suppose I could be called worse. And really, I'm not that lazy. It's not like I'm sitting around doing nothing and eating whatever I want (which I can't afford anyway) and saying I should work out and never do. I want to go run. Whoever cursed me with this headache does not want me to run, for whatever stupid reason. At least being poor will help keep me from getting fat? Except there's the whole "junk food is cheaper than healthy food" thing, so that's a bit of a problem. Circles, circles, circles. It's all just a vicious cycle. Maybe some day I'll break it, if I'm ever not poor. Ha.