Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Starting to like Morning Runs

A good playlist can make all the difference. Yes, I got out of bed at 5 today and went for a run. It was really great. Saw quite a few other people running too, which I don't normally see in the mornings that early. Overall, it was a pretty good run. I ran a little farther than normal, and my new playlist definitely helped to keep me going, especially at the end.

I did stop two or three times though :( Twice I just couldn't breathe. My asthma was really bad this morning, and it's still bad. I don't know if the pollen count is high or something else, but man I couldn't breathe. I felt like I was being suffocated by my own breath. Yeah that doesn't make a lot of sense but you get the idea. The one time in the middle of my run, I was running up a big hill, and doing great I might add, and when I get close to the top, I somehow got my hand caught up in the cord to my headphones, pulling one of the earbuds out of my ear and pulling the nano off of my shorts. Thankfully it didn't  hit the ground, but I was so mad. I was running so hard, and feeling good, and so close to the top and I had to stop because of that. Grr. And I was listening to such a good song too! Get Out Alive is a pretty motivational song when your running. Specifically the lyrics "If you want to get out alive, run for your life." Good stuff. As I said, a good playlist can make a big difference.

Tomorrow I will not be doing a 5am run. I'm going to run at Arena Park again. And hopefully run more than I walk. I'm putting off running there in the mornings because I'm worried I won't have enough time. I have to drive there, run a few miles, and drive back. This morning took me around a half hour to do 2.5 miles, plus warm up and cool down. Add in a drive there and back and I'm gonna feel super rushed. And I don't like that. Plus I might not have time to go to Smoothie King for a smoothie. That's my treat after my morning runs (unless I start running every morning...that's way too expensive). But once I get the smoothie/blender I want from GNC, I can have smoothies at home after my runs! Need to set aside 30 bucks for that.