Monday, July 23, 2012

Mondays are a Headache

As you all probably know, Mondays suck. I've had a headache since yesterday afternoon. I've tried two different types of medicine, naps, and caffeine. Nothing has helped. So I will not be working out today because my head throbs every time I move. The thought of running or any other kind of movement sounds way too painful. Also I spilled milk all over the kitchen floor this morning. That's how my day started. Oh boy. 

So tonight I'm gonna be good and eat my veggies, relax and watch some tv, or read, or whatever hurts my head the least. And tomorrow morning my alarm will go off at 5am and headache or no headache, I'll drag myself out of bed and put on my new shoes and at least go for a walk, because new shoes are a pretty good motivation. Except for today. Because it's Monday. I have a headache. Oh and it's stupid hot outside again. 

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow though. I'm gonna make some yummy pasta for dinner. Alfredo, noodles, peas, asparagus, and pancetta. Sounds delicious! If I didn't have such a bad headache, I'd probably be making it now. Also, boyfriend is coming for a visit tomorrow night, so I suppose I'll save him some pasta to eat when he gets here :) 

I really, really want it to be the weekend though. My Aunt Rose is in town, and my cousin Tommy is on leave and we're celebrating his 21st birthday (and his sister's 16th) on Saturday and I can't wait to see everyone! 

So, here's to hoping the rest of the week goes by fast (and has fewer milk spills)!