Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's My Age Again?

Twenty-three today. No one likes me. (It's true, according to Blink-182) Was anyone else excited about turning 23 because of this song? Because I've been waiting for this since I stopped celebrating after turning 21. Who says 21 is your last "big" birthday?

Today's festivities have/will include:
I got my free coffee from Starbucks this morning. Seriously, you can get a lot of free stuff for your birthday for being an awesome customer. Only bad thing is the only Starbucks down here is across town. But I made it to work on time, so that's all that matters.
I had blueberry muffins I baked for myself last night for breakfast this morning. They looked a little...weird. But they were delicious.
For lunch, I have nothing special. Mac 'n Cheese and some veggies. Woo!
At 3 I head to St. Louis! Chris is taking me to Pi for dinner (so excited for pizza!!!) and then we're going to the Muny to see Aladdin! I can't wait! And hopefully it cools off by then.

I came across this blog and it's awesome. Lots of different work outs and stuff. The particular one I read was New GNC Workout: Lean Legs and I saw on there a blender/smoothie maker from GNC. $29.99 for it, has several attachments. Best part? It's a cup so you don't wash anything until you're done drinking it! Which is awesome because I hate trying to wash my stupid blender at home (which is still sitting in the sink "soaking" until I have the time/patience to wash it). I definitely want one of these. Plus, it comes with extra cups, so I could make more than one smoothie at a time and save them for later! Check it out here and if you want to get me a birthday present, that blender would be great :)

What to look forward to:
Later, I'm going to post about why I need a new iPhone. So you have that to look forward to. Believe me, I have plenty of very good reasons.
Also, poverty. Okay, not poverty. But I can't afford said iPhone. Or the Macbook I've been hoping to buy (and yes I do need this). For whatever dumb reason, my loan for this year was cut by more than half. Bye, bye Macbook. I was going to pay for that with any extra money I had from my loan, because, ya know, I will use it 95% of the time for school. And the reason for cutting my loan? NO CLUE because SEMO's financial aid office is a joke and no one knows what the hell they're doing.

Also trying to figure out how to pay for some of the upcoming races I want to do, along with registering for the Half, oh and I need new shoes. Happy birthday to me!

I did by myself a Snickers. And my boyfriend sent me flowers. So that made it all better. Until tomorrow when I head up to the financial aid office and kick some ass. :)