Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thoughts on Facebook and Food

I'm giving serious consideration to deleting my facebook. Well, probably just deactivating it for a while. I'm sick of people complaining and I'm sick of reading about how great other people's lives are (no, I'm not bitter :p). It's just a waste of my time. I don't care what half of those people are doing with their lives, and yet--because people tend to post the most intimate details of their lives on facebook--I know almost every single thing they've done in the past week. Why? Who the hell knows? I certainly don't care about most of it.

I figure the people who need/want to get a hold of me have my phone number. They can text or call me. And the people who are interested in what I'm doing with my life (not much of anything really) are probably already reading this anyway. The only downside to deactivating my facebook would be this blog. I always post it on facebook, which is where most of my traffic comes from. So I may lose a few readers who are too lazy to read if it isn't linked on facebook. I think I'm okay with that. The ones who really want to read this will.

I've been toying with this idea for a while now. On the one had, I get a lot of family updates through facebook. On the other hand, I rarely post anything on it anymore other than my blog. And I normally check it to see if anyone's commented on the post and things like that. Every other aspect of it is a waste of my time, reading updates about people I'm not really interested in knowing anything about. And the things I could do with the time I normally spend on facebook doing nothing! I could probably get more accomplished with this blog. Or use that time to get some reading done (I've really been slacking in that department lately). Or actually read the news rather than reading about a story on facebook and then looking it up. The possibilities are endless! But I'll probably just stick to those things. No need to over-exert myself.

Now that I have all that out in the open (it feels better to talk things through . . . or write them like I'm talking to myself, talking to an audience. I don't know, now I'm confusing myself) let's get to the things I normally tell you all about, like what I'm eating today.

I had a special K fruit crisp thing for breakfast (they taste kind of like poptarts . . . but not as good). And I had an apple. For lunch, I have everything I didn't eat yesterday, which is almost all of it. Broccoli, apple, pbj. Yesterday I ate my almonds and had a cheese stick. Not sure where my appetite went, although I'm not complaining. To counter the healthy stuff for breakfast and lunch, dinner will be pizza and ice cream. :) Pizza will be from Imo's I think. So hopefully there will be cheese garlic bread. Or toasted ravioli/t-ravs/you should really watch this video. Shit St. Louisans Say. Cracks me up.

And I'll leave you with that video, because it's funny and that's the best way to end things. More tomorrow (can't guarantee anything funny . . . ).