Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday! Finally!

I was supposed to run last night. Big shock: I didn't. My leg is still hurting when I walk. And when I sit indian-style (pretty sure that's politically incorrect now, but whatever). I didn't want to push it too much with my leg feeling like that. Plus, I was just in a crummy mood. Also there was a storm with a lot of lightning. Didn't want to take my chances with that. If it had just been rain, I might have considered going anyway, or at least walking for a while. As of this morning when I got out of bed, my leg still hurts. So I'm going to take today off as well. Plus I'm driving to St. Louis after work to hang out with my sister and watch movies like Superbad and hopefully order pizza with the money my mom should leave us--because, ya know, we're her kids, and good parents should not let their children starve. :)

I do plan on running sometime tomorrow when I get back to Cape. It will be evening-ish so hopefully it won't be super hot or anything. And hopefully I'm not exhausted with all the stuff I have to get done tomorrow. I don't plan on doing 6 miles (especially since I can't run the entire time anyway) but I'm gonna shoot for running 3 miles without stopping. And fingers crossed my asthma won't get in the way, and my leg feels better. I am thinking about doing a longer run/walk on Sunday. I haven't decided where though. Depends on the weather I suppose.

I am considering a return to Facebook, mainly for this blog. It needs a little more traffic. Maybe some more followers. Or at least more pageviews on a daily basis. Unfortunately I think I have to have both my personal account and the blog page activated in order to do this. Lame. But I might just start unsubscribing from a ton of people so I don't have to see their daily, mundane bullshit. Or read about how happy and great their lives are. I don't care. I also don't care if your life sucks. I really just prefer to read funny things that people post. I like those. So I'm gonna give this whole Facebook thing a try sometime this weekend. If I get a page set up for it, I will let you know and you can tell your friends and whatnot to follow/like the page on Facebook (there will be links to the most recent posts on there, so they can get to the site from Facebook).

Anyhoo, happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend everyone!