Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Did a Mile in 9 (ish)!

Tequila Tuesday was a success. Homemade salsa, jalapeno chips, Landshark beer, the delicious chicken my roomie made, and of course, Jose followed by a shot of pickle juice. Even the roomie sucked it up and did the shot. I am apparently the only one who liked it.

Before all that, I ran a mile and timed it, as I said I would. Approximately 9 minutes! I have no sort of stopwatch any more, so that number is not 100% accurate. And that was with forgetting to take my inhaler before I left, and some slight hills. After I finished my mile, I walked for a bit to catch my breath. Then I walked/ran the rest. I did it all in 45 minutes. My warm up, mile run plus another 2, and my cool down. 45 minutes. I'm pretty proud of that. And my feet didn't hurt at all! No blisters or pain of any kind!

I did however manage to injure an awkward part of my leg. I'm not even going to try to describe it because it's hard to describe. And stupid. But I somehow started getting sharp pains there not even a minute into my mile. Lame. But I toughed it out and finished. I doesn't hurt too badly today, so I have the day off to rest it and then get back out there tomorrow.

As far as today's workout goes . . . well I'm not 100% sure there will be one. I'm not feeling well, again. And no, I am not hungover. I did wake up in the middle of the night with a sore/scratchy throat. This morning it felt awful and it hasn't gotten much better throughout the day. And I'm getting all achy and yucky feeling again. So there's a pretty big possibility that I will go home and sleep. Or, assuming my book came, I will start reading, since I have to have at least 100 pages read before next Wednesday. One week. I can do this! As long as UPS doesn't screw up again.

Hope the rest of your Wednesday is just swell :)