Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dove Chocolate

Take a deep breath and exhale.
I got zero exercise yesterday. And probably had more chocolate than I should have. But my Dove chocolate wrapper said "Take a deep breath and exhale." Which is what I really needed right then. I was in the process of dealing with my bank and filling out fraud forms and stuff since some jerk somehow got my information and spent money at a Walmart in Yuma, AZ and a food mart in Austin, TX. After dealing with all the stuff with my car and everything, this was the last thing I needed.

The girl I spoke with said it will take 10-15 days to get my money back, and at least a week before I'll get my new debit card. Thankfully I filled up my car with gas and got groceries Sunday evening before they blocked my card. So I at least have what I need to get me through the week and get me to St. Louis Friday evening after work.

Today after work, instead of going home and immediately going for a run, I get to go to Plaza Tire and try to get my money back. I'm hoping they don't argue about it or anything and just give me my money back so I can go home and run. Unfortunately, I'm more worried about how they'll give me my money back since I don't have my debit card (which is what I paid with). Some places will only put money back on a card and won't give you cash. Some places are even worse and will only put the money back on the card that was used. Either way, I don't have the card I used, or any other debit card. So if they won't give me cash, I don't know what I'll do.

After that, I'm going for a run. Then I will have some dinner and try to get some work done. I'm doing some freelance editing right now, which is awesome and I love doing it, but haven't had much time to get it done with all the other crises going on. But tonight, I have no homework (at least none that's due this week), and no other plans besides my run. So I'll at least get a good start on it. I wish I had more time to do more freelance work. Actually, I probably would if all these other problems went away and all I had to do was homework and blog. I'm more than willing to do more work if there aren't super strict deadlines involved. Over the summer I could get stuff done within a few hours. Now it's taking me days to finish because of work and school.

Look for another post tonight to see how things go with Plaza Tire. Boo. And my run! Going for another two miles today without stopping. Let's hope my allergies and asthma cut me some slack and let me do it.