Thursday, August 23, 2012

Days of Rest

Nothing would cooperate with me last night. So I gave up and went to bed instead. Last night was my 19th Century American Lit class. About ten minutes in to the class, I started getting a terrible headache, which was pretty much a full-blown migraine by the time we got out of class (which was at 8, an hour early, thank goodness!). But I really wanted to try to write you guys a post when I got home. So I took some Ibuprofen since I have nothing stronger than that for my headaches, and started up my old, slow, dying computer. Seriously, this thing takes longer and longer to start up every time I turn it on. On top of that, our internet has been extremely slow lately too.

I couldn't get anything with blogger to load properly. After about a half hour of trying to get everything to work so I could just write a freaking post, I gave up. My head was throbbing and I was exhausted. I went to bed after that. Unfortunately I didn't fall asleep for a very long time. And around 11:30, I had an asthma attack. All of my coughing made my head hurt even worse. I got up, took my inhaler and some Benadryl and went back to bed. I finally fell asleep not too long after that.

My sad shoes--where I left them the other day to ice my ankle--
just waiting for me to take them on another run.
Aren't they pretty though? :)
In addition to all that, my ankle started hurting again sometime yesterday evening. After a nice little chat with my roomie, I decided I'm going to take today off as well. As she said, it'd be better to take an extra day now, than to make the injury worse and not be able to run for several days. Also, I still have a slight headache. So I'll be doing some other form of workout this evening rather than going for a run. I'm disappointed, but hopefully this extra day will do me some good and I can have a couple good runs over the weekend.