Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tequila Tuesday

Over the years, I have learned that I do not like change. At all. I get myself into my routines and I hate having to change those routines. Even if it's something as small and insignificant as waking up 10 minutes earlier. No thank you. Obviously, eventually I get used to a new routine and everything is just fine and dandy . . . until it all changes again. School starts in less than a week now, and that changes everything. And it has a huge impact on my running/workout routines. This makes me extremely unhappy.

I am currently working full-time (8am-5pm) and starting next week, I'll be taking classes Monday and Wednesday nights. On those days I will have an hour break between work and class. Not enough to go home, work out, come back, blah blah blah. So those will be my "off" days. I use the term "off" loosely. Now I am in the process of changing up my routine to running Tuesday, Thursday, and every. single. day. over the weekend. But this change worked out to my advantage yesterday because I felt awful. Horrible headache and body aches. May have been running a fever, but since I don't have a thermometer, I don't know. Thermometers never seem to be accurate anyway.

So today I will go for a run. And I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a pretty cool day so far (and by "cool" I mean it's not 97 degrees) and it looks like there might be a chance for rain. I'm gonna make it a quick one though--somewhere between 1 and 3 miles, I haven't decided yet. If I do just 1, I'll time it and proudly tell you all just how slow I run! :)

Tonight is Mexican night! Chicken fajitas for dinner, chips and salsa, beer, tequila, etc. We are also going to try this whole chasing tequila with pickle juice thing. I like pickles, so I'm going to assume this will be good--better than limes. It will be interesting to say the least. But I'm looking forward to it. Once school starts next week, nights like this will be nonexistent. Plus I've just had a bottle of Jose sitting around since Christmas and it's time for it to go!

Tomorrow there will be no running (thanks to this whole new routine thing), but I do have a new workout to try, so maybe I'll do that instead.

Happy Tuesday!