Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fun

Today got off to a rough start.

First of all, it was NINE freaking degrees when I left for work this morning. NINE!!!

Second, at least one of my tires was extremely low on air (probably the one I lost the little cap-thingy to the last time I filled it with air) so I had to drive to the gas station and get out on the ground, in the dark, and figure out which tire it was and then fill it up.

By the time I got that taken care of, it was 6:30. Normally, I'm half-way-ish to I55 by then. And of course, I got stuck behind all the grandmas and school buses.

I managed to make it to work and walked in the door at 8am. Idk how in the hell I did it (okay, I do know...I was speeding...a little), but that's probably the latest I've ever been to work. Crazy.

My classes weren't too bad this week. And I'm actually starting to sort of enjoy my research class. Not a huge fan of the homework assignments, but I am enjoying the in-class discussions we're having (both on- and off-topic).

I don't have a ton of homework this weekend either! I'm hoping I can get it all done tomorrow so I can just relax on Sunday and eat and be lazy and watch the Superbowl. We have no plans. No party to go to. And I'm perfectly fine with that. :)

In other news, I worked out every day this week and it feels amazing to be able to say that! Working out during my lunch breaks has been the best part of my day. It seems to make the day go by faster, and I have more energy in the afternoons.

When I got home, I was greeted by a puppy soaked in her pee. So I had to give her a bath. What fun.