Wednesday, January 30, 2013


On Sunday Chris bought me an auxiliary cable so I could listen to music from my iPhone in the car (ya know, since my cd player is broken and all that jazz). I haven't listened to the radio once this week. I wish I could describe how incredibly happy that makes me!

I was getting so irritated listening to the same things over and over and over and over. The same songs several times a day. The same commercials even more often. Seriously, I have some of those commercials memorized because I hear them so many times. And I get stuck listening to songs I hate (ahem *Greenday*) because they play them continuously. I get these terrible freaking songs stuck in my head because I have no choice but to listen to them or sit in silence (which I have actually done on occasion).

Now, I can listen to the radio when I choose to. So far this week, I haven't listened to it and I'm okay with that. I don't really feel like I'm missing anything. I'm sure after this little hiatus I'll start listening to Woody and Rizz again in the morning, but for now I'm enjoying my freedom of music choice (and my new iPhone!) :) It's nice to be able to listen to a song on repeat because I want to and not because the radio station continues to play it throughout the day whether it's a good song or not.