Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Chris's birthday is New Year's Eve so I went shopping on Sunday for his present. And he wanted it when I got home, not wrapped or anything. Fancy. I got him a new sweater, cologne, and underwear because I'm awesome :) 

Looking sharp in his new sweater :)

For the first year that I can remember, I spent NYE with my parents. They had a dinner/dance at the Knights of Columbus. We dropped the puppy off with my sister and her boyfriend and checked into our hotel and then my mom picked us up for dinner. We had toasted ravioli for appetizers, salad, bread, veggies, potatoes, chicken, and prime rib. It was all delicious. 

Grandma brought Chris some candy and a cupcake for his bday and Mom and Dad got him Scrabble (the Cardinals edition of course). 

A blurry picture, but my mom was dancing, and that never happens, so I had to document it lol
After dinner the "dancing" commenced. It was mostly old people, so it was kind of funny watching them dance. A little later Matt and his girlfriend showed up (they couldn't make it for dinner, but I'm glad they were able to stop by!).

Matt and Chris
Matt and Me
Throughout the night, my sister sent me pics of Copper: 

Copper and Ryan (Becky's boyfriend) playing tug of war lol

Chelsey stopped by to see Copper :)
I had a terrible hangover the next day. Eventually we checked out of the hotel and made our way over to Walgreens so I could get some water and Excedrin. Chris's dad picked us up from there to go to Fast Eddie's for lunch and my parents met us there. I got a sprite...probably the first time I've ever had anything that wasn't an alcoholic beverage of some sort there. I had my usual cheeseburger and fries and I felt a lot better after that. I was still super tired and my legs were killing me (they still are...blah). Chris's mom couldn't make it because she was sick--not hungover sick like me, but for real sick. :(

After lunch we headed over to the casino and we actually won! Well, technically Chris won. I didn't play I just watched. It was exciting though. Once we got back to our car we headed over to my parents house to pick up the puppy and then go home. 

My mom gave us soup to make last night, but we ended up getting Jack in the Box instead and watching The Boondock Saints. I'm gonna make the soup tonight after work. Today is the first day Copper will be at home all day by herself. Hopefully she does okay. :( 

I did get some wonderful news today. First, I found out I get paid for the days I was off last week. Woo! Second, that bill for about $400 from my trip to the Urgent Care back in September was finally covered by the insurance so I don't have to worry about paying it! 

The bad news is that I got paid a week earlier while we were on break and now I have no idea when I get paid next. We're not supposed to get paid again until the 11th, and if that's the case, that really sucks because just about all of my bills are due before that, of course

Things will be so much better in February. I'll have the reimbursement from my student loan for the semester so I'll be able to pay off two of my credit cards and part of another. And my lease at my old apartment is up in Feb. as well, so I won't be paying rent there anymore (and hopefully I'll get my deposit back too!). 

School starts in two weeks. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm taking poetry, which I know I'll enjoy. The other class is a research class and from what I've heard it's really time-consuming and overall a nightmare. Blahhh. 

I'll save all the "coming in 2013" stuff for another post as this one is fairly long already. I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's--and if you're like me, you've already written 2012 several times instead of 2013. Oops. :)