Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Workout #1

I did my first workout of the year today! Only 22 days late ;)
I spent 40 minutes on the elliptical during my lunch break and I loved every brutal second of it! I felt pretty great. Aside from the fact that I forgot my inhaler so it was a little hard to breathe...someday I'll actually remember to take it before I work out lol.

The only thing that sucks is that since I'm an employee and I'm getting a discount on my tuition, I don't get the benefit of using the rec center for free. Lame. But it's only $35 a semester, so I guess that's really not so bad. Plus, I can charge it to my student account, so I don't have to pay it right away, or all at once if I don't want to.

Up until then, today felt like a terrible Monday. Mondays that aren't really Mondays are the worst. Things got much better later in the afternoon though. We got our scanner issues fixed, so I was able to put the interns and grad students to work!

Later I met with my boss about this whole thesis-crisis-thing. And I got excellent news. I will be doing the editing project and I'm very excited about it. I'll be editing a manuscript (probably historical fiction), and I'll also have to come up with a cover and page design, do fact-checking on the historical stuff, and write up a nice 10-15 page report on why I made the decision I did and whatnot. My boss sent an email to my teacher about it, so hopefully we can make it work for the class, but I think as far as my thesis goes in general, I'm good to go. I feel so relieved :)

Tomorrow I'm going to the core strength fitness class and I'm hoping Kirsten will be able to join me (she has a dentist appointment before that--boo). Tomorrow evening is my poetry class and I'll be turning in my first poems of the semester. I'm excited and nervous. I don't really have to be nervous until next week though when we workshop our poems--that's when I get everyone's comments and feedback.
Wish me luck!