Monday, January 14, 2013

Book 3

Book 3 is finished! I have to say that while I enjoyed The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire was probably my least favorite of the 3. I can't really say why without giving anything away, and I'd hate to be the person to ruin a book for someone else, but parts of it just rubbed me the wrong way. I do think that the rest of the movies they're making will be pretty great though. And it's not too often that they make decent movies from books.

Last night I started book 4, American Psycho. I got about 4 pages into it before I put it down and decided to just watch tv instead. I did go through all my books and made a nice stack of about 20 or so that I either never finished reading or never got to read at all:

So hopefully I'll get around to reading all of those at some point this year. They're not stacked in any particular order either. Just in a way so that they wouldn't fall over while I was trying to take the picture. I also have about 3 or 4 books that I'd like to re-read if I have the time. Maybe over the summer. Who knows. 

Friday night we had turkey burgers and mac n cheese for dinner while we played Scrabble and watched Fight Club (also on my list of books to read...probably after I finish American Psycho). On Saturday I woke up early for no good reason other than Copper was being a pain in the ass. Grr. I did get quite a bit accomplished though. I did laundry, did the dishes, went and did some shopping and got my oil changed and new windshield wipers, vacuumed, etc. 

I also bought and set up a baby gate in our hallway to keep Copper from getting into things she shouldn't. It took me far too long to get that stupid thing set up. Why do they make all these baby safety things so difficult??? If we can barely figure them out, surely a baby is too dumb to get it. But hey, what do I know? 

After Chris got home Saturday, we made our way out into the lake our front yard turned into thanks to all the rain (seriously,  it's one giant, deep puddle) and headed to Steak 'n Shake for dinner. It was pretty good. After dinner we went to Walmart to buy some snacks and get a movie from Redbox. We rented Trouble with the Curve and it was pretty good. It seemed kind of long to me, but that could have just been because I was really tired. We both liked it though. 

Yesterday I got to sleep in a little. We had mini donuts for breakfast around 9ish (we ate super healthy this weekend). Not long after that, the freezing rain started (the lake out front had miraculously almost dried up, so no ice skating) so I decided we should get to the grocery store and get back before the weather/roads got worse. 

As we're scraping the ice off of my car, I go to open the trunk and end up smacking myself in the head with the door. I've had quite a few head injuries in the past five years or so. I knew that since I was still standing there and able to see, it wasn't extremely serious, however, this is the first time I've ever been hit in the head where I immediately felt nauseous. It was awful. So Chris had to drive. We went to Walmart to return the Redbox dvd then to the grocery store (I refuse to shop at Walmart unless I absolutely have to--especially for produce). 

Once we had all our groceries, we stopped at Subway for lunch. We went home, unloaded all the groceries and then sat on the couch eating our subs and watching whatever was on tv. After that, I sort of napped while Chris made some cheese dip in our new mini crock pot. We also planned on having chicken wings, but they didn't quite turn out how we expected. The sauce we bought wasn't the greatest. So I made us grilled cheese instead. 

Classes start this week. Luckily mine don't start until Wednesday, so I have today and tomorrow left of a little freedom. I got my books, and thanks to my good friend Katie who loaned me one of hers, I only had to buy three. Much less than last semester! I'm not ready for this semester though. I'm already wishing for summer to get here asap. Partly because of school and partly because it's just too damn cold. It was 16 degrees this morning when I left. Ugh.