Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Day of Class

Tonight is my first class of the semester--poetry. I'm actually excited about this one. I get to spend all semester reading and writing poetry. Also, as part of the class requirements, we have to submit our poetry to at least one literary magazine, so I'll be forced to actually submit my work (which I totally slacked on over break).

And, thanks to all the books I bought at the AWP Conference in Chicago last year (and never got around to reading...), I have a current poetry book that I can read and review (another class requirement), so I don't have to worry about buying anymore books for my classes this semester!

I'm at a total of 6 books for the semester: 4 for my research class (although I only had to buy 2!) and 2 for my poetry class (and I only had to buy 1). So much better than the 12 or so books I needed last semester.

As far as the 100 book challenge goes...well I'm not getting very far in American Psycho. In fact, I haven't read it since I started it on Sunday. Oops. I'm sure I'll read it at some point this weekend though. And I'm totally counting any books I have to read for school as part of this challenge.

Work has been busy with the new interns and grad students. I'm hoping after the end of this week I'll have a better idea of everyone's schedules and I can plan my lunchtime workouts accordingly. I really hope it works out that I'm able to do this. I feel disgusted with myself and the way I've been eating lately and getting zero exercise. We've been eating a lot of fast food lately since we got several gift cards for Christmas and it's faster/easier than cooking and I think it's really starting to take a toll on my stomach. I've been having terrible stomach aches the past few days. So I think it's time to make a change and get back to eating healthy again.

I'm considering keeping a sort of food journal. Not to keep track of calories and whatnot, but just to keep track of what I'm eating and how it affects my stomach. A couple years ago I was having similar problems and my doctor thought I might be lactose intolerant and had me cut out dairy (I LOVE milk and cheese, so I thought I was going to die!). I did that for a month or so and it made no difference on how I felt. So maybe there's something else that's upsetting my stomach and I'm just not getting it.

Keeping a food journal requires so much dedication though. I'm still thinking about it. I might just start with eating healthier overall and if I'm still having problems then give the journal thing a shot.