Friday, December 28, 2012

We Hate Snow :(

I got fed up with the puppy trying to eat the Christmas tree and I was feeling kind of grumpy so I took down all the Christmas decorations and the tree. It's nice to have all that space back. 

Puppy training is going slow. Yesterday she didn't have any accidents in the house all day. Today she's had three. It doesn't help that when we take her outside, the neighbor's cat feels the need to come bother us. And apparently she also has a dog, which she left outside yesterday, not on a leash. 

I tried putting her on her leash and walking her to the mailbox this morning. She is apparently terrified of all cars, not just the one she's riding in. A car drove by and she freaked out. So I had to carry her to the mailbox. I did get her to walk back, sort of. 

Later it started raining, so she didn't want to go in the yard to go potty. As the day went on, rain turned into sleet, sleet turned into snow. Right now she's sleeping. I'm watching tv. Waiting for Chris to get home. 

Puppy training is exhausting. Lucky for her, she's adorable: