Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Downside of Living with a Writer

Once they trust your opinion, they will ask you to read everything.

Poor Chris. I had him read the first paper I wrote this semester, and he even helped me come up with a better thesis for it. Got an A.

He read the second paper and told me it was good. Got an A.

The verdict is still out on the third paper, but I feel pretty good about it.

Now I'm working on my final research paper which has to be at least ten pages. He read the four pages I had written last night. It was a little convoluted and confusing and my thesis was pretty unclear. So I decided to rewrite the whole thing. And asked him if he'd read it again. Of course, he said yes, because he's awesome.

I feel bad though. It's not like I'm really writing about things that are extremely interesting. I mean, I personally think they're fairly interesting, but not everyone will think so. And I'm sure he's probably incredibly bored whenever he reads something I've written.

Lucky for him, next semester there won't be any paper writing. It will be lots and lots of poems (hopefully good poems). If only I can make it through next Wednesday. Then I'm officially done for a whole month. I'm so excited.

I plan on working on rewriting some of my previous poems so I can submit them to some literary magazines. I also plan to read as much as possible. I'm going to finish Les Miserables! And also read The Hunger Games (possibly all three books?) and if I have time, I want to reread The Great Gatsby.

Anyone have any big plans for their breaks (if you have one) and/or holidays?