Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Thursday

So last night I was extremely lazy. I came home and after attempting for the millionth time this week to change my payment method for our internet, I gave up, threw some ravioli in the oven, grabbed a beer, and turned on Gossip Girl. And that was my night.

We have HugesNet for internet and I've never hated anything so much in my life. As much as I hated Charter, I'd gladly switch back if I could. Unfortunately, as of right now, HughesNet is all that's available in our neck of the woods. Literally. There's apparently a state park or something behind our house.

Anyway, if I wasn't in school, I'd go without internet completely and just use my phone for internet when I needed it. But that's not an option right now, so I'm stuck. Blah. If anyone knows of any alternatives that aren't super expensive, I'm open to ideas.

Because of the "storm" or whatever this is, my boss decided instead of coming in for half a day tomorrow, we're just going to work for a few hours from home. Yay! I get to sleep in and not go anywhere tomorrow. I'm so excited. So since we won't be at work tomorrow we had our "holiday lunch" today.

We went to My Daddy's Cheesecake. Love love love that place. Although I have strangely never had cheesecake from there. I got the french dip sandwich and it was delicious. Much better than what I brought--leftover broccoli and a turkey burger (which will probably be my lunch tomorrow).

Driving home pretty much sucked thanks to all this wind. And a truck almost hit me. So that was fun. But I made it home safe and sound. I had to bring in the chair that was on our front porch which was no longer on our front porch. And I also had to go track down our trash can which ended up on the side of the house.

So now I'm just waiting for Chris to get home so we can eat dinner. Probably gonna watch more Gossip Girl until then.

Don't blow away! :)