Friday, February 8, 2013

Pay it Forward Friday

Yesterday kinda sucked. It was busy and I had class. Class was long and I had to meet with my teacher afterward about my thesis project. And then it rained the entire way home. Also, not sure what I did during my workout, but my left leg was killing me.

I got home and Chris had dinner ready. He's so wonderful :) He made homemade mac 'n cheese with cauliflower and it was yummy! He's a better cook than I am :( He's also just better than me in general because he always waits for me to get home so we can eat together and he cleans up after dinner and puts the dog to bed. I suck.

So I woke up this morning, leg feeling a little better, but freaking exhausted. I've been at least 20 minutes early to work every day this week, so I figured I'd stop at Starbucks for coffee (my fourth in three days...oops). I decided while I was sitting in line in the drive thru that I was going to pay for the woman behind me as well. I figured I was having a rough morning and maybe she was too, and maybe it'd make her smile and make her day a little better, and hopefully she'd pay for the person behind her too.

Obviously, I have no idea what happened, but I felt a little better after I drove off. Maybe she didn't pay for another person's (who knows...maybe they ordered a lot) but I hope she does something nice for someone else at some point today. We all deserve it. And it just feels good to do something nice for others. I'm also thankful that today was payday and that I could afford to pay for someone else's drink ;)

So what do you say? Let's all do something nice for someone else today--even if it's as small and simple as holding the door open for someone. And if you feel like sharing what you did--or what someone else did for you--leave a comment below! 

Thanks everyone for being amazing and have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Mmmmm coffee! Pass it on! :)