Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

I left work early on Friday thanks to the extra three hours I worked at the event last Wednesday night. I went to Staples to return a couple things and buy a few more things. Then I drove home, stopped for gas (which is way expensive right now), and stopped at Walgreens to pick up my prescriptions. And almost the entire way I had to pee. I didn't even let Copper out right away when I got home. After that, I cleaned, because the house was a mess, and I couldn't relax/nap knowing the house was so messy.

So after all that nonsense, I finally got to lay on the couch and cuddle with Copper until Chris got home. It turned out to be a good evening--she's a pretty good cuddler, and she's warm too! :) We went to A&W/Long John Silver's for dinner because it was Friday and I had to have fish, and that was the only place I could think of to get it. This Friday we're going to attempt to make our own (on the grill I think).

Saturday I did the usual and got up around eight and started on homework. I didn't get too far though because the last half of it requires me to go to the damn library. I'm guessing this is going to become a weekly thing. It's really irritating. So I'll be hiking my butt up to the library after work tomorrow.

I decided to take a break from homework and I baked Chris cookies. I was kind of guessing at most of the measurements because my measuring cups kinda suck, so I was worried they wouldn't turn out okay, but they did, and they're almost gone! And I've only had a few ;)

We drove to a different Walmart Saturday night in search of two things: 1. A rubber piggy for Copper that oinks. 2. The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray to watch on our new tv. 

We found the pig and bought it. And Copper oinked it out within a couple hours of playing with it. It was hilarious while it lasted though. We did not find Batman. We've been able to find it on DVD, but we can't find it on Blu-Ray anywhere. :(

Sunday was a busy day. We got up, went to breakfast at the Factory Diner (where I forgot to take pictures, again) then did our grocery shopping. Later we drove up to St. Louis. Chris's mom did my taxes for me because she's awesome. :) I'm not getting much back though, so that's kind of disappointing. 

We dropped Copper off at my parents' house and Chris and I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought a vacuum! Our other vacuum (which was free) did not work at all. Our new one is amazing! My mom made chicken and dumplings for dinner and they were delicious. Can't wait to eat the leftovers :)

All this crazy wind blew our trash all over the yard, so I guess I'll be cleaning all that up when I get home if it's still there. Our trash gets picked up tomorrow, and we have a lot to put out there this week so I'm hoping this wind lets up and I can put it all out tonight. 

And Copper was so cute this morning. She just wanted to snuggle on the couch, but I had to leave for work :( Poor baby doesn't like the wind.