Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Adventure

I made broccoli cheddar soup last night after work. Lemme tell ya: it's not so fun to do after a long day at work and while letting a puppy in and out several times.

Overall, I think it took me about an hour and a half to cook which was just painfully long for someone who doesn't enjoy cooking and was starving.

There was a lot of stirring for 20 minutes and simmering and chopping and measuring. Blah.

The end product:
Okay, this is leftovers, because by the time I finished,
I was too hungry to bother with taking pics for you all.

It wasn't bad. I personally think it could have been cheesier. I also didn't follow the recipe exactly (I swear I can hear my mom tsk-ing me all the way from here), so that might have something to do with it not tasting amazing. 

I added more carrots than the recipe called for: I bought a 10 oz. bag and only needed 8 for the soup. Well, I wasn't going to measure all that out, and what the hell would I do with 2 oz. of carrots other than throw them away? 

Second I may or may not have used too much broccoli. Scratch that. I didn't use enough broccoli. I bought a 16 oz. bag of broccoli and guesstimated half as it called for just 8 oz. of broccoli as well. 

I do think that those extra 2 oz. of carrots made the soup a little too sweet so maybe next time I'll follow the recipe more exact. ;)

I initially used the exact amounts of cheese, but when I did a little taste test, it didn't taste very cheesy at all. So I added more. That seemed to help--I still don't think it was cheesy enough though. 

Given that this was my first ever attempt at making any kind of soup, I'd call it a success since it was edible. And Chris said it was "delicious" (his word, not mine)--although I did tell him last night to let me know what he thought, and then added that since it took so long to prepare/cook, anything other than "it was good" was going to get him in trouble ;)

I definitely want to try making this again sometime soon, but it's going to be a weekend meal when I have more time and patience to take the time to cook. 

And seriously, cooking while trying to watch a puppy is nearly impossible!