Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snowpocalypse Recap

So I didn't take a picture of the snow/ice Thursday because I hate it that much. It started raining ice pretty early on Thursday, so my boss decided we were just going to call it quits and go home even though the university hadn't officially closed.

I emailed my teacher and told her that I wasn't going to make it because I had a long commute and couldn't risk getting stuck in Cape because if Chris got stuck in St. Louis, no one would make it home to take care of Copper.

The roads got terrible fast. I wasn't even half way home when my windshield wipers froze. I had the heat and defroster on full-blast (I was sweating a ton--so hot) and it was barely enough to keep the ice from freezing to my windshield. Ice had frozen to my side mirrors, and pretty much the rest of my car. I got home and there was already quite a bit of ice on the ground, so I decided against pulling in the driveway and parked on the street instead.

I came home, played with Copper, and got back to work. I had texted Chris to tell him I was on my way home but I hadn't heard anything from him since he told me things were getting bad in St. Louis too. I figured he'd be staying up there. He pulled up in front of the house a little later though! His work decided to close early and send everyone home. I loved getting to spend all day with him and Copper :) We all snuggled on the couch while I worked. It was a good way to spend a snow day.

And the university officially canceled all classes/events after 3:15pm (my teacher decided to cancel class about an hour before that), so that was a bit of a relief.

The next day wasn't so much fun. We had at least 4 inches of snow and ice (pretty sure the bottom and top layers were ice). Chris had to be at work at 10. Unfortunately, we were literally snowed in. He couldn't get his car out. We tried to get my car out since it's in a little better shape than his is. That didn't work either. So we both stayed home again yesterday. I got back to work. Chris decided to make homemade doughnuts:

Not bad. Not the best doughnuts ever, but not bad :)
Eventually Chris called a tow truck to get his car out and he went to Walmart to buy a shovel and fish for dinner. 

We had tilapia and leftover mac 'n cheese with cauliflower for dinner. It was delicious. I think we're going to do that again next week. 

It almost got up to 40 degrees today and with a little more shoveling, I was able to get my car out. Not that I had anywhere I absolutely had to go. 

Fingers crossed this is the last snow of the season and things start warming up soon!