Monday, October 8, 2012

Wedding and Family Reunion

I got zero exercise this weekend. Boo. But I ate somewhat healthier this weekend than I did last weekend, so that counts for something right?

Friday night we had dinner at my mom's and watched the Cards beat the Braves! She made chicken tortellini soup. It was so good, and perfect for a chilly day.

Saturday we were up super early. We got all dressed up for the wedding that wasn't until 1pm so that we would have time to drive to Farmington to look at a duplex. That was a major disappointment. The outside looked nice, but the inside was just gross. The carpet was stained, the walls were dirty, the bathroom was disgusting. All that time spent driving there and back and we could have just slept in later. Blah. Oh well. We'll hopefully be going to look at another duplex sometime this week. Fingers crossed this one will be nicer!

Did I mention it was cold Saturday? I'm glad I at least bought a jacket to wear with my dress.

This is kinda blurry,
but the jacket is from Target,
and the dress is from Dillard's. 
The wedding was nice, minus the part about being in Waterloo. The more time I spend in Illinois, the more I just hate everyone. I'm kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, eventually we realized that the church was only about 12 miles from Red Bud, which just happens to be one of the few places you can buy Michelob Golden Draft. So we drove to Red Bud and bought some. And put six in the wedding gift because we're awesome.

After that we headed back to St. Louis and had Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch (we had 4 hours to kill between the wedding and reception). Then we went to Target and walked around for a while because we had nothing better to do with our time.

Eventually we made our way to the reception hall, Andre's, in South County. Nice place. The decorations were nice, the cake was pretty (I believe the groom's mother made it, along with a couple thousand mini-cookies as favors). The food was good (at least what I ate of it). I guess what I had at BWW upset my stomach so I wasn't super hungry. But I had salad and pasta con broccoli and both were delicious.

I also drank water all night thanks to my stomach ache. Not that that's a bad thing, but kinda boring. I wouldn't have minded at least having a Sprite or something. Oh well. Everyone else who had cake said it was delicious (there was both chocolate and yellow). I didn't eat any because I don't like cake. I know, I'm weird. Whatever.

We were pretty lame and only danced to a couple slow songs all night, but I was okay with that. My feet hurt lol. We left kinda early. We were exhausted. And needed gas after all the driving we had done.

Photoshop wouldn't let me fix the stupid red eye. 
Yesterday was my family reunion and it was COLD. Well, mainly windy. When the wind wasn't blowing it was tolerable. We had all sorts of food. Tons of desserts. I had chili and a hot dog with pasta salad and the best potatoes you'll ever have in your life. I don't know the exact recipe, but it's potatoes cut up, cheese and sour cream, and bacon. Basically a loaded baked potato, but cooked sort of as a casserole in the oven. I went back for seconds but it was all gone :( 

My first midterm is tonight. I'm not too worried about it. I got As and Bs on all my quizzes so I think I'll be okay. And this week is fall break for everyone but me. Boo. Everyone else is off Thursday and Friday and I have to work. I hate being a grown up sometimes. 

I hope you all had a great weekend and survive your Monday. :)