Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Skim Milk Shortage?!

It would appear that there is a skim milk shortage in this town. Monday I went to the gas station on my way to work. No skim. Yesterday, I stopped at the gas station up the street from my house. No skim. Today, I went to the University cafeteria (who almost always has 2% and skim). No skim. They had 2% and chocolate. What does a girl have to do around here to get some skim milk?!

Ok, yeah, I could probably stop being so lazy and just go buy a gallon from Schnuck's, but where's the fun in that? And when I stopped at Rhodes on Monday, I realized why I grabbed the Vitamin D milk last week instead of skim (ok, it's still my fault for being colorblind)--that's all they have! They had 2% and Vitamin D. That's it. Of all the different kinds of milk they could sell and those are the 2 they sell? What is wrong with these people?

In other news, I have not worked out since...sometime last week probably. Although I only had one midterm (which was Monday night), I have a lot of other projects to do and a ton of reading. So I haven't really had much time. And I should be working out between work and class today, but I forgot my stuff. I'm trying to keep myself from getting into the habit of going back home for stuff in between work and class because if Chris and I move any time soon, I won't have that option.

I did, however, get a new sports bra that I can't wait to wear. I read Mama Laughlin's blog (she's awesome and hilarious) and she mentioned in a Q&A that she wears Moving Comfort. I had never heard of it, but she swears by it, so I looked it up online. I loved the styles and that they came in real sizes and not just small, medium, large, etc. So I bought one. I tried it on when I got it and I love it. Now I just need to work out so I can wear it :)

Speaking of bras, this weekend at Fleet Feet they're having a sale on their bras, and Moving Comfort is one of them. So I plan on heading up there to see what I can find. Plus I have a coupon too! So I'll get a new sports bra for me, and probably some headphones for Chris so he'll go run with me again :)

I have to work all day tomorrow and Friday, while everyone else is off enjoying fall break. Boo. At least it will be nice and quiet.