Monday, October 29, 2012

Beginning of Halloween Activities

I didn't run this weekend like I had planned to :( I slept in way later than I planned to on Saturday (almost until 11 am) but I'm thinking I needed it because I was exhausted last week.

So I woke up, cleaned, made myself lunch, watched a movie, and then headed to JC Penny to look for a shirt for my Halloween costume for the party we're going to this Friday. Got it on clearance for $14. I also found the most amazing coat ever there and I really want to go buy it. Plus I don't have a nice winter coat so I'm going to have to buy one soon. After that I went to Walmart (bleh) to buy the other part of my costume. So my costume total was about $15. All I had to do was a little sewing when I got home and it's ready to go!

I made spaghetti squash for dinner Saturday night with ground turkey, broccoli, peas, and a red sauce. Can't say that it was my best, but Chris said it was good (at least I think he did...I could just be making that up to make myself feel better) so I'll take it.

After dinner we headed up to St. Louis to go to the haunted house at the Lemp Brewery. I was super excited because I've always wanted to go there (supposedly the mansion is really haunted, but I wanted to go just for the history of it). The haunted house part was in one of the caves under the brewery and I thought that was awesome because I've always wanted to go down there (there are supposedly several caves and tunnels under the brewery and mansion).

Waiting in line in the cold sucked. But it was pretty awesome inside. The actors aren't allowed to touch you, but some of them got super close and I didn't like that. It didn't really scare me, but it was kind of annoying. And I don't like to be touched. Or breathed on for that matter, and most of these people had cough drops and I hate that smell. Yuck. I think the scariest part of all haunted houses (or being home alone...) is the loud noises. It's not the people in masks or makeup or what they say to you. It's the banging on the walls, the sound of drills and saws, etc. So was I scared? Yes. But it wasn't the kind of scary that keeps you up all night or gives you nightmares. It was fun.

I really want to go back there some other time to do a tour of the mansion (which is now a bed and breakfast) and the brewery. I think it'd be so cool to see all that stuff (especially the underground parts, minus all the "haunted" decorations and whatnot). I love stuff like that. The history behind really old houses and buildings and the people who lived there.

Sunday morning we slept until 8:30ish. We decided on pancakes for breakfast, but neither one of us knew exactly how to make them... So we looked up a recipe and went with it. They didn't look too pretty, but they were delicious and that's all that matters :)

Chris's parents came down and his dad tried to get our dryer working. No such luck. It appears to be an electrical problem. :( Then we had BWW for lunch and then Chris and I went grocery shopping. We went to Walmart first and I was super grumpy the entire time because everyone who shops there is a moron and I hate them. Then we went to the other grocery store in town to get our produce (I will never buy produce at Walmart--it SUCKS).

We took a nap when we got home and then had cereal for dinner because neither one of us felt like cooking. After dinner we decided to carve our pumpkin. To say that didn't go too well is probably an understatement. Our pumpkin looks like it has down syndrome. :( After that, we lit some of our halloween candles (and put one in the pumpkin) and we had caramel apples and watched Young Frankenstein. I love that movie :)
Our little downs syndrome pumpkin--we love him :)

We are super talented at pumpkin carving!