Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Things Thursday

I'm officially declaring this "random things Thursday." It will be filled with random thoughts/things/whatever I want because it's my blog :)

So I'll finally be going for a run after work today! I've got two hours to kill between work and the keynote speech for the Faulkner and Warren conference this evening, so I figured it'd be plenty of time for a nice run down by the river. It's supposed to cool off a lot, which I'm prepared for, but I'm hoping it doesn't rain because that will make it even colder. I'm not prepared for that :(

We have a washer and dryer! Not the greatest things in the world. But as long as they get our clothes clean and dry, that's all that matters. And our internet will be installed tomorrow!!! Meaning I can spend all weekend doing research for my paper. Or not. I will probably just watch things on Netflix instead.

I am in need of a tea kettle. I've been drinking coffee pretty regularly since we moved. But, I recently discovered Barnes & Noble has their winter teas back and those are my absolute favorite. So I need a tea kettle and to stock up on tea. I can almost taste it I want them so bad. If we had a microwave, I wouldn't care quite as much about the tea kettle because I could just heat the water that way. But we still don't have a microwave, so I need the tea kettle.

I don't have class on Halloween! My professor decided he wants to take his kids trick or treating instead. Works for me. I get to sit at home in the dark watching scary movies and waiting for Chris to get home from work.

Halloween has never really been my "thing." I wasn't a fan of dressing up and trick or treating when I was younger. I got sick one year when I was in the sixth grade or something, so I stayed home and never went after that. I prefer the scary movie aspect of it all rather than the candy and costumes.

Speaking of costumes, we are going to a costume party the Friday after Halloween. I have no idea what to dress up as. I don't want to spend a lot of money, but I also don't want something that I'll have to constantly explain to everyone. Any suggestions? I've always wanted to go as a witch. But I'm far too lazy to go buy a hat and outfit and all that nonsense.

In other news, this has been one exhausting week. My sister texted me Monday and told me she was in the emergency room with severe stomach pains. My dad called a little later to tell me it was appendicitis and that they were going to do surgery. So she had surgery that night and came home later on Tuesday. Poor thing is in a lot of pain. They gave her vicoden but it's not helping her much. She must get that from me because vicoden doesn't do much for me either.

I finally finished Uncle Tom's Cabin yesterday (about 20 minutes before class). I had to skim the last couple chapters, but since I had a pretty basic idea of what happened, I wasn't too worried. And there wasn't anything left that would help me write my paper so it wasn't extremely useful to me. Overall, I don't like that book. It was painfully boring more often than not. And yet, I'm going to write my final paper on it. Idk. I'm weird.