Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

So I went and voted today. The first time I voted was in 2008 and I voted absentee. So I was completely unaware that you had to vote at a specific place. And I had no idea where that place was, because, ya know, no one told me. So instead of going before work like I had planned, I had to go to work and look it up and then go. Lame.

But I think I was there less than 20 minutes, so not all bad. I voted, you should vote, and then we should never speak of this again. At least not for the next 4 years. Oh god, could you imagine if we had presidential elections more often?! That just sounds horrifying.

As you've probably noticed, it's been about a week (or exactly a week?) since my last post. I was sick (stayed home, in bed, all damn day on Wednesday). I seriously didn't get out of bed unless it was to pee or eat. I attempted to work on my paper...what a joke. I wrote two paragraphs and then looked it over again a day or two later when I wasn't on a ton of Nyquil. Everything I wrote is just laughable. Awful. So I started over on Friday night. And got the entire thing written by Sunday night (and it's not due until tomorrow!). Might be the first time in a long time I haven't been working on a paper the night before it's due. Feels pretty good to be on top of things for once.

Saturday we had dinner at Chris's parents' house for his mom's birthday. I met his sister and his nieces for the first time. They're adorable and their pictures are now hanging on our fridge. I do believe I have confirmed that I'm just not really a baby person. They freak me out. I have these awful visions of me as a mother...on one hand, they are kind of hilarious, on the other, I may or may not end up in a mental institution. Just kidding. Sort of. Maybe I'll just adopt a couple four year olds. They're old enough to eat normal food, they're potty-trained, and you don't have to baby-talk them, which I am literally incapable of. I feel like the biggest effing idiot talking to babies/young children. I'm totally gonna get "Mother of the Year" someday. In all seriousness though, his nieces are cute. Did I hold the baby? Absolutely not. Chris did and I sat next to him and his mom took a picture. That's about as close as we got.

Anyhoo. I also got wonderful news that I'm getting a new car this weekend! I'm super excited. I will have a post later this week completely dedicated to my current car, and the new one. And I'll be taking lots of pictures Saturday when I pick it up. I can't freaking wait. It will be so nice to drive a car with working headlights (I have to hold them in place for about 20 minutes of my drive before they'll stay on). The only downside is that me getting this car means that we will be very poor for quite a while. But I'm pretty sure we'll always be poor, so I guess we might as well get used to it.

I have yet to go for a run in our new neighborhood. There really aren't any "ideal" places to do so near where our house is. One of these days I'll go find a park or something. Eventually. And my workouts have been pretty nonexistant. I was sick for a few days, and it's just impossible to work out when you're sneezing and blowing your nose and you can't breathe and your throat hurts. Then I had a lot of homework. I pretty much spent all of my weekend doing homework. Kinda sucked, but I got it all done, so at least I was productive. Gonna try to start working out this week though. I need to get myself back on track, even if I'm not out there running.

I'll have more this week on cars, listening to my audiobooks, etc.
Make it a good one!