Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My New Stand-Up Desk

I finally finished putting together my new desk later in the afternoon yesterday. It was a little bit taller than I wanted, so I adjusted it, and now it's perfect!

This is from when I gave up yesterday. I was so frustrated everything kept falling apart! So I let it sit in the corner. 

Finally, one of my good friends who's working here as a grad student this semester brought me a screwdriver and I got it put together. 


I did a lot of rearranging the furniture in my office yesterday (and eventually I'm going to get rid of an extra desk just as soon as I'm sure my boss doesn't want to use it for anything).

Finally, I found a spot I liked, next to the window :)
After all the moving and assembling I did yesterday, I decided not to work out when I got home last night. I was exhausted and my arms were really sore. I'm definitely going to go run after work today though. Except I forgot socks, so I'm gonna have to make a trip to Target first. Oops. ;)

We watched The Adjustment Bureau last night. It was a pretty good movie. It wasn't exactly what I had expected from the previews, but I liked it. Chris made Italian beef for dinner last night and it was delicious. We also had salad (which may or may not have gone bad...), and garlic parmesan potatoes. Tonight we're having tacos or something I think. 

This weekend I'm going to attempt cooking chicken in some form or another (which I have never cooked before in my life). I'm also going to try a broccoli and cauliflower casserole recipe I got from Erica's blog a week or so ago. 

I'm also going to attempt to make my mom's banana bread, which I've never done on my own, so that should be interesting. And at some point I'm going to bake chocolate chip cookies, because I'm good at that :)